Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Day Maybe....

One Day....

  • When I decide to plant my roots in something solid, I want to know that I am ready

  • I want to look at my life thus far, and have a happy moment to match every regret

  • I want my future daughter to feel more alive with every hug she is given, and know that life is better than what people make it out to be

  • I will make a difference in someones life

  • sitting on my porch I will breathe the air around me and let happiness consume me

  • I will make everything from nothing and give double back

To be loved is great, to be appreciated is rare, and to be content is just about a lost thought in this world. Sometimes it takes an out of character night with a lost soul, and a comforting day with a warm heart to show you the difference between wants and needs. It shows you the difference between reality and fantasy. While life likes to blur the lines between choices and destiny, it is up to us to make up our own minds and stand by our principles. Sometimes this may mean that you wake up with the slightly bitter taste of regret the next morning, but it is nothing that a shower can't wash away. Wrong or right we are who we are and we live to be who we think we ought to. One day whether you like it or not, life might just show you who you truly could be.

Take life as a grain of salt
Absorb what you experience, and grow from it.
Let nothing break you, that would never make you.

-xoxo Katrina M. ♥

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