Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wishful Living

Breathe, now Feel it and Be it.

Now I'm not saying I regret the choices I have made, but I do want something more. I feel like I just may be on the brink of something great, yet I'm just not there yet.

I am a firm believer that when it is right, you just know it. The moment it feels forced or not like the feeling I envisioned in my head, I get this insatiable urge to bolt. Sometimes it is just like that.  What can I say, I know what I want and I know when something is off. However I do believe that this does sometimes keep me perfectly safe in my own little world, when in all honestly talking the risk may just be the better reward.

I could write until the sun comes up everyday open and honestly about how I feel. When it comes to how I live my life though, I have no clue where I'm at half the time and tend to keep myself...well to myself.

Maybe, just maybe, this will be the year I challenge myself. This will be a year for growth and discovery. After all, how many "what ifs" does it take to experience an "I did it?"

The sun will rise tomorrow as it did today, allowing with it another breath to take. Every memory that brought me to where I am will help me to take the chances I let go of before. Everyday is a new opportunity to be an active participant in this life

There is a first time for everything
....I plan on this being mine...

"She turned her can'ts into cans
and her dreams into plans."
-xoxo Katrina M. ♥

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


To stand alone is a very powerful thing in this world.
To allow yourself to experience someone else's love, that takes courage.

Last night I was done, tears were filling my eyes, the world was shattering around me and this enormous feeling was sitting so heavily on my shoulders. Not knowing what else to do. I just sat with the feeling and breathed. While everything was crumbling around me, I decided enough was enough. At the beginning of the year I had set a goal to give myself more spiritual time and allow good things into my life without question. So far...well let's just say it wasn't quite happening. For that reason, I decided that it was time for a change; it was time for me to give a little bit of myself to something bigger. So this morning at 8am I found  myself sitting in the first row of a beautiful morning mass.

I realized this morning that sometimes when everything has been going so well, we as creatures of entitlement need our lives nudged a bit in a different direction. This is not to break us down, but to remind us that good things in life are not a right yet an earned blessing. As easy as it can be to get caught up in one's own life and well being, true reward comes from a shared happiness with others. Good things happen to good people. This much is true. However once those good things happen, it is up to us to take the time to be grateful, and humble for the blessings we are given. It is when we forget what brought us to where we are, that bad energy surrounds us.

Take pride in who you are, be humble for your blessings, treat those around you with respect, and always give your thanks.

Remember in this world, no one goes it alone.
-xoxo Katrina M. ♥

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Day Maybe....

One Day....

  • When I decide to plant my roots in something solid, I want to know that I am ready

  • I want to look at my life thus far, and have a happy moment to match every regret

  • I want my future daughter to feel more alive with every hug she is given, and know that life is better than what people make it out to be

  • I will make a difference in someones life

  • sitting on my porch I will breathe the air around me and let happiness consume me

  • I will make everything from nothing and give double back

To be loved is great, to be appreciated is rare, and to be content is just about a lost thought in this world. Sometimes it takes an out of character night with a lost soul, and a comforting day with a warm heart to show you the difference between wants and needs. It shows you the difference between reality and fantasy. While life likes to blur the lines between choices and destiny, it is up to us to make up our own minds and stand by our principles. Sometimes this may mean that you wake up with the slightly bitter taste of regret the next morning, but it is nothing that a shower can't wash away. Wrong or right we are who we are and we live to be who we think we ought to. One day whether you like it or not, life might just show you who you truly could be.

Take life as a grain of salt
Absorb what you experience, and grow from it.
Let nothing break you, that would never make you.

-xoxo Katrina M. ♥