Monday, May 9, 2011

Give a little More

Take a little less....

We see what we want to see, but you can't airbrush personality

Finding inspiration in unlikely matters, taking lung fulls of life in, dancing with no music and loving with a passion. That my friends is living. Lift your own spirits up and never let silver and gold take hold. Life comes at you fast. Make no mistake that a blessing is not an accident but a destiny you had the courage to pour your heart into. Its the words you speak with your eyes, the wordplay that gets you through another day. Sometimes its as simple as a soft touch against tired shoulders.THINK about what life gives you, then allow yourself to give double back. We are not born selfish, yet are blinded by greed. Everything is beautiful on the outside looking in, but it is when you get past the first three doors and really see the heart of someone that you realize the potential of true life.Today is not the day to reminisce on past chances, but to live for future opportunity. Be humble in success, be weak in open arms, stand strong in your principles, and never lose yourself to a society of cosmetic fake-up. 

The most beautiful thing in the world, is someone true. 
-xoxo Katrina M.♥

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